Karat® Food Pails

Karat® Food Pail - 16 oz.

Karat® Food Pails

Known internationally for its iconic origami design, the food pail has been the most recognizable food container since the late 1800s. These containers are ideal for hot and cold foods. Feature a double poly lining that is suitable for foods with or without sauces because they are leak resistant. A versatile to-go packaging option that is both cost effective and recyclable.

LOL01FP08W Karat® Food Pail - 8 oz.

FON01PINTW/O Karat® Food Pail - 16 oz.

LOL01-FP-FP26W Karat® Food Pail - 26 oz.

LOL01-FP-FP32W Karat® Food Pail - 32 oz.